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Jazz In The Garden '23

16th July 2023

“Now, I don't care what the weather man says

When the weatherman says it's raining

You'll never hear me complaining, I'm certain the sun will shine… “


So began the opening number from the afternoon’s entertainment provided for us at Flore Arts’ Jazz in the Garden event held on July 16th 2023.Rain? I see no rain! Not for the first time the Flore Arts organisers held their collective breath. For several hours. Never in the field of human entertainment were so few weather apps checked by so many. And so often. 20% rain at 2pm? 40%? It says down to 10% at 3pm… hang on in there!

In the event we got off lightly. Our plucky audience didn’t let us down. In fact there was something truly British about the line of smiling revellers who streamed into our hosts’ handsomely turned out garden: all were well-prepared in solid weather gear. Yes, there was a shower just as proceedings got under way, but it was mercifully short-lived. And as the Pimm’s and other beverages seeped through the veins, several brave souls found their dancing feet and joined in the fun… eventually in the sunshine.

When there was a break in the music – provided by the accomplished Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends – concertgoers kept organisers busy with pleasing demands on cakes (all delicious and provided by generous volunteers), tea and coffee and the aforementioned stronger beverages… and a few even cocked a snook at the weather by opting for ice cream.

The organisers would like to give a huge vote of thanks to our generous clientele. The event raised over £2000 for local charities and we’ll be providing more information on how this is distributed in due course. And of course a massive vote of thanks goes to the owners of Rock Springs who play such a big part in putting on the event.

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