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Illyria's Peter Pan

Illyria and “Peter Pan”: Pirates in Flore

26th June 2022

Outdoor theatre in England – were we mad? Flore Arts’ organising team collectively crossed its fingers and held its breath… and in a month of see-saw weather swings from heatwave to deluge our audience got something in between – dry, mostly sunny and – most importantly - warm enough to sit through the show.

Close to 200 people of all ages cheered on Wendy and Peter and marvelled at the acrobatics as Illyria’s versatile actors took on multiple roles. Effective use was made of the flying equipment, with Peter, Wendy and Tinkerbell taking turns to swoop gracefully over the stage. Captain Hook’s descent into a gaping crocodile was also warmly applauded.

The event marked two firsts for Flore Arts: first theatre of any kind, and the first event at the new venue: we were hosted magnificently by the generous Lowins, who provided the perfect setting of The Grange. The broad lawn with the backdrop of their elegant house was just right for picnicking and taking in the spectacle.

What’s more, it was all in a good cause… we haven’t finished doing the sums yet but later in the summer we will be making further contributions to local charities, and Illyria will be making donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Here’s to the next event!

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